Skills, Drills and Aids

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1st and 3rd Defense (Fast Pitch)

Learn a 1st and 3rd Defense Strategy used by the USA Team and sponsored by ASA.


Batting Lineup Form
To help make it easier in assigning positions every inning, please feel free to use this batting lineup form to assign positions to your players for every inning.
Batting Lineup.doc
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Baserunning - Home to First Video

This video provides some useful tips on how to make the most out your hit and giving you the best advantage to advance to the next base.


Catcher Drill - Block and Up - Video

This drill helps the catcher to learn how to quickly block a pitch that has been thrown in the dirt and to quickly get back up.


Catcher Drill - Location Movement - Video (Fast Pitch)

This drill helps the catcher to learn side to side movement when behind the plate while keeping her balance.


Catcher Drill - Transition Footwork - Video (Fast Pitch)

This drill helps the catcher to learn how to get to her feet quickly and get into throwing position when needed for a stealing runner or a pick off.


Defensive Diving Drills

Use this simple diving drill to teach players how to make diving plays in the infield.  Similar for outfield, click here to see a simple repetition drill.


Double Play at 2nd Base - Video

This is a very good explanation on how to best turn the double play at 2nd base.  Click here to see the video.


Every Days
These are the skills that players should be doing every day as part of their warm up routines. IMPORTANT: Watch video below for Every Days to see how quickly these can be done.
Every Day Skills.docx
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Every Days

Watch this video to see how quickly a team can go through the Every Days as listed in the document above. Click here to see another version of implementing Every Days used by the University of Tennessee.


Fastpitch Softball TV Network

This site has more FREE softball programming than any other site on the Internet. If you love softball, you are going to love Fastpitch TV!  They travel all over the country filming great fastpitch softball clinics just for you! Clinics by Olympians, Hall Of Famers, and great coaches. If you are looking for training videos, you can find them here!


Gripping The Bat

This 1-page handout explains the importance of the grip on the bat.


Hitting Drill - One Arm Drills

This 5-minute video is brought to you by Sue Enquist, coach from UCLA. This segment helps players understand how it can benefit them to lead with the elbow.  Click Here to see another version of doing One Arm Drills.


Hitting Mechanics - Picture Template

This template is used to take pictures of the hitter's mechanics to see what can be worked on.


Hitting - Pitch Count Strategy

This is a very good article to read regarding how to approach the plate depending on the count.


Hitting - Theory on the Fast Pitch Swing

Click here to read about why hitting a fast pitch softball is one of the hardest things to do in sports!


Infield - Relays

This video demonstrates a good drill to use in practicing footwork when taking relay throw.


Outfield - Relay Throw Drill - Video

This video demonstrates a good drill to use to practice balls off the outfield fence and throws to the relay person.

Outfield - Running Through The Catch - Video
This is a very good demonstration of the Everyday for "Running Through The Catch."
Running Through The Catch.wmv
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Outfield Situations
Where does the Outfielder throw the ball? This aid will help you on what to teach!
Softball Outfield Situations.docx
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Pitcher Mechanics - Picture Template (Fast Pitch)

This template is used to take pictures of the pitcher's mechanics to see what can be worked on:

Right Handed Pitcher

Left Handed Pitcher


Pitcher Mechanics - Wrist Snap and Spin (Fast Pitch)

Watch this video on Cat Osterman to see her view on the importance of wrist snap and the amount of spin on the ball when you pitch.

Pitcher - Getting Started (Fast Pitch)
If you are interested in becoming a pitcher, this 8-day lesson plan will help you get started.
Pitching - Skills and Drills.pdf
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Pitching Clinic Handout.pdf
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Pitching Chart (Fast Pitch)
How do you know when to throw what pitch? This chart will help you as a coach, pitcher and/or a catcher to learn about what pitches to throw to a batter.
Pitch Chart.pdf
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Pitching Grips - Strike Zone (Fast Pitch)
See the different types of grips for movement pitches used by the "King" from the "King and His Court". Also included is a pitcher's strike zone.
Pitching Grips - Strike Zone.pdf
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Pop Up Communication - Video

Watch this video to see how you can do a drill on Pop Ups and get the most repetition out of your team.  Learn the techniques used by Mike Candrea to differentiate between the infield and outfield to get the best results!


Rise Ball - (Fast Pitch)

Watch this video as Cat Osterman provides you with some useful tips on how to throw one of the hardest pitches to learn as a pitcher!


Slapping - Video (Fast Pitch)

Watch this video as Coach Kyla Holas from the University of Houston teaches Contact Slapping.


Sliding - Head First vs. Feet First

Which sliding style will get you to the base quicker?  Dave Peters, professor of mechanical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis discusses the physics of sliding and the benefits and challenges of sliding head first vs. feet first.  Watch this video to get the answer.


Throwing - Four Corners

Use this drill to help with footwork when doing different kinds of turns when throwing around the bases.


Can I Count On You?

Don’t ever think that you can’t because you can! Your team needs all your heart, all your soul, all your guts, all your sweat and all your tears! You give it your best because after all, your coach wants to know if he/she “Can Count On YOU” to give it all you got! Watch this video to see what it takes to give your BEST and NOT QUIT no matter who you FACE!