Fall 2016 Registration - Closed                                                   Please check back in February for Spiring 2017 registration           

Canon-Mac Youth Girls Softball Association welcomes girls from Canon Mac and all surrounding school districts.


NEW PLAYERS:  Please have a copy of your BIRTH CERTIFICATE available electronically so that you can upload it to the registration form.  Please DO NOT complete the registration form unless you can upload the BIRTH CERTIFICATE!  Once you upload it, you will not have to upload it again for any subsequent seasons that you play in the CMYGSA!



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Deadline to register is

August 1, 2016


Please note that Face Masks are now mandatory for all girls playing for CMYGSA. They must be worn at all time while on the field, including practice.




Registration Fees:

Division Age Registration Jersey Late Fee Total
Slow Pitch 6U $35 $15 $15 $65
Slow Pitch 8U $55 $15 $15 $85
Slow Pitch 10U $90 $15 $15 $120
Slow Pitch   12U $90  $15 $15 $120
Fast Pitch 10U $90 $15 $15 $120
Fast Pitch 12U $90 $15 $15 $120
Fast Pitch  15U  $110  $15 $15  $140

We will be using the same jeresy from the spring. You only need to purchase a new jeresey for the fall if you do not have one from the spring or need a new one.


*league age is determined by the child’s age on January 1, 2017 

**Please note that you should sign up this fall for the same age group you will play in the spring of 2017**


For example:

If your ages is __ before or on 1/1/2017 then you will play __

Age on 1/1/17 Group to register for



7, 8


9, 10


11, 12


13, 14, 15




(After August 1): $15 per player

Registration closes 8/15/2016
(Uniform may be delayed if you are a late registrant.)


A separate check of $100 per family will be required for a Concession Stand Deposit. Each family is responsible for working two (2) concession stand shifts. Once a family completes two (2) concession stand shifts, the Concession Stand Check will be destroyed. If a family fails to work two (2) shifts then the check will be cashed. Both the registration fees and concession stand deposit check must be paid before uniforms will be issued. Please read the Concession Stand/Volunteer Policy located on our  website for details.




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so your information will be protected. 


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